Digital Mockup: Touching the 3rd dimension

Workshop T1

11-Nov-2014 – IST Taguspark – Rooms 2.6 and 2.8


The objective of Task 1 was to gather information from target users about the requirements of a new tool for modelling and exploration of architectural space. As a wrap-up of Task 1, a workshop was organized in order to present the results of the work developed until then, as well as to gain additional feedback from architecture students.

The project team wishes to thank all the participants in this workshop:
architects Nuno Mateus, José Nuno Beirão and João Simão,
architecture and design students Reginaldo Schiavini, Kelenson Silva, Carlota Frango, Luis Silvestre, João Gago dos Santos, André Matos and Adela Pancencu,
and computer science students Ricardo Ferreira and André Reis.

9h00: Lectures Joaquim Jorge (15m)
José Duarte (15m)
Nuno Mateus (30m)
Modelling in ARX (30m)
10h30: Coffee Break
11h00: Requirement analysis José Nuno Beirão (30m)
Sandra Gama(15m)
João Simão (15m)
12h30: Lunch
14h00: Demos
14h45: Groupwork briefing
15h00: Group work I Spatial-sensorial exploration of physical models (ironman + walking in place)
II Maquettes à la minute (world builder)
III A Sala do Risco (air sketching)
17h00: Wrap-up session

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