Digital Mockup: Touching the 3rd dimension

10 th Conference on Advanced Building Skins 2015

Mateus, D., Duarte, J.P., Leal, V. (2015). Towards a grammar-based system for the design of building envelopes that maximize the capture of solar energy.In Proceedings of 10th Conference on Advanced Building Skins, Bern, Switzerland, November 3-4. ISBN 978-3-98120538-1. pp. 52-61.

Abstract The generation of electricity from renewable energy sources, such as energy conversion of sun rays through photovoltaic technology, is increasingly becoming a paradigm worldwide. It makes sense, therefore, the application of photovoltaic technology on the outer envelope (roof and facade) of buildings, decentralizing and diversifying the locals of energy capture, thereby creating alternatives to the use of the public network infrastructure for electric energy supply in buildings.

It is proposed in this article a methodology for the early design phase of the shape of the outer envelope of buildings that maximize the amount of electricity they generate. It includes a shape grammar-based computational design system, composed of an initial shape representing the building envelope and a set of rules that apply recursively to generate suitable designs. The goal is to implement, in the future, the grammar into a computer program. Once the architect defines the initial shape and indicates the geographic location, computer program will suggest shapes for the outer envelope that optimize its potential to generate electricity. During the application of the rules, the architect can interact with the design system and change the suggested shapes according to objective criteria, such as structural performance, or subjective criteria, as aesthetics.

Keywords Energy Generation Design, Building Envelope Design, Shape Grammars, Computational Design System, Optimization, Photovoltaic Technology.

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