Digital Mockup: Touching the 3rd dimension

Closing Workshop

Virtual Reality in architectural conceptual modelling

31-May-2016 || tecton3d.wordpress.com


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Closing workshop of the research project TECTON3D: Digital Mockup: Touching the 3rd dimension [PTDC / EEI-SII / 3154/2012], consisting of modelling experiments, a series of lectures, a discussion panel, and the Digital Alberti exhibition

IST – Taguspark, University of Lisbon (Lab 1.21)

09h30 VR Modelling Experiment: Maquetter
Group 1:
10h30 VR Modelling Experiment: Maquetter
Group 2:
11h30 VR Modelling Experiment: Maquetter
Group 3: Filipe C. Quaresma + 2 students

Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon (CUBO)

14h00 Prof. Joaquim Jorge (INESC-ID)
Reception and presentation
14h15 Daniel S. Lopes (INESC-ID) + Rui de Klerk (FAUL)
Interactive Concept Modeling: The Maquetteer Case Study
14h45 Prof. José P. Duarte + Daniel Mateus + Eduardo C. Costa + Rui de Klerk (FAUL)
Back to the Roots: towards a new approach to Architecture through Virtual Reality
15h15 Coffee brake + Digital Alberti exhibition
15h30 Prof. Sara Eloy (ISCTE)
Multimodal interaction in architectural design in virtual reality
16h00 Prof. António Leitão (IST)
Portable Algorithmic Architecture
16h30 Coffee brake + Digital Alberti exhibition
16h45 Discussion panel
Moderator: Prof. José Nuno Beirão (FAUL)
Guests: Prof. Joaquim Jorge (INESC-ID), Prof. Nuno Mateus (ARX), Cristina Mendonça (EMBAIXADA), Nuno Griff (EMBAIXADA), Paulo Albuquerque Goinhas (EMBAIXADA)
17h45 Wrapping up

Link: Report of the closing workshop



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