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Ontologies and Shape Grammars – A Relational Overview Towards Semantic Design Systems_eCAADe 2016

de Klerk, R.; Beirão, J. Ontologies and Shape Grammars – a relational overview towards semantic design systems, eCAADe 2016 conference, Oulu, Finland, 24th-26th August, 2016.

Abstract This paper provides an overview on the relation between computational ontologies and shape grammars regarding the development and production of multi-purpose Semantic Design Systems. The objective of the author’s ongoing research is to assist the creation of generative design systems, applicable to design processes in general. Shape grammar rules and ontologies in these systems will be focusing on abstract, generic rules and generic descriptions. When combined through contextually specified relations, these assume semantic expressions and should be able to produce meaningful results.We collect here a short state of the art of the research developed in the fields of architecture, urbanism and computer science in the past ten years regarding the use of knowledge bases (ontologies) combined with generative design systems (with a particular focus on shape grammars). We expect to provide both insight about architectural and urban typologies and the production of meaningful designs using automated generative design systems.

Keywords Ontologies; Shape Grammars; Semantic Design Systems; Architectural Design; Urban Planning



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