Digital Mockup: Touching the 3rd dimension


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Current architectural visualization software based on virtual environments (VEs) supports mainly 3D animation and automatic navigation. Despite the growing popularity of VEs, they still need to go a long ways to replace or even augment desktop CAD systems in the modeling of 3D scenes. To address this problem requires developing new techniques for multimodal interaction based on hand gestures, more suitable for tasks of traditional 3D modeling devices and make more attractive mixed reality techniques. These techniques, combined with procedural modeling, address the lack of expressiveness or naturalness of conventional CAD operations. To this end we want to create a new design framework combining stereoscopic viewing with modeling, simulation and reactive content. To this end we will work on recognizing bi-manual gestures using 3D sensors acquiring information from follow up body posture using commodity sensors. Such interaction techniques combined with procedural based modeling primitives which extend shape grammars, will allow incremental changes to exploit the advantages of direct 3D manipulation in richer ways.

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